Second Public Consultation


A planning application is being prepared for a new employment development at land at Wood Farm, north of Stanton Lane, Stanton under Bardon.

Prior to the submission of the planning application, we are keen to provide an update and a further opportunity for local residents and representatives from the community to comment on the proposals.

As part of the engagement process, a consultation exercise took place last year with a public exhibition held on Monday 9th December 2019. The consultation concluded on 3rd January 2020. Following the consultation, the planning and design team have carefully considered comments provided by residents and, as a result, have made a number of changes and refinements to the proposals. More detail on these updates is provided below.

In light of this, we have now extended the consultation period to provide a further opportunity for residents to view the plans, ask questions and share feedback.

The deadline for comments is Monday 13th April 2020.


The proposal is to develop up to 114,200 square metres of employment floor space comprising a mix of general industrial (B2) and distribution (B8) uses. This proposal will be submitted in outline with details of access included, but all other details reserved for future applications to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council (including details about the number of buildings and their appearance etc). However, as part of the outline application we will fix key parameters such as building heights, floor levels, and the maximum floorspace on the site.

The site has strong connectivity to the highway network being in close proximity to the A511 and M1 Junction 22 and would be accessed via a new roundabout on West Lane with a secondary access provided from Stanton Lane. HGV access would be from West Lane only.

The proposals also include the relocation of Wood Farm to a site to the east, which will be submitted as part of the same application, albeit with detail proposed. This part of the application will be supported by an agricultural appraisal, as required by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, which demonstrates the viability of the ongoing farm business, and the need for the replacement homes and buildings proposed. The new farm site would be accessed direct from Ellistown Lane, opposite an existing barn, and further east from existing homes or converted farm buildings on the southern side of the Lane.


Since the public consultation in December, the following important updates have been made to the proposals:

  • In response to local concerns about the potential for significant additional traffic on Stanton Lane, the proposed car park access has been amended to be a ‘left-in/right-out’ junction, thereby actively discouraging vehicles entering/exiting on routes via Stanton under Bardon.
  • Finished floor levels and height restrictions have been refined and set on the parameters plan to reduce the visibility of development, particularly from Stanton under Bardon. The closest part of the site will be limited to buildings of 18m (significantly lower than the building under construction on the nearby Mountpark Bardon site on West Lane).
  • Further refinement of the proposed farm relocation on Ellistown Lane to the east of the site, and completion of the agricultural appraisal which will form part of the application.
  • Progress with environmental stakeholders, including the County Council and National Forest, with regards to the National Forest provision (in line with National Forest guidance) and the site’s connectivity with the wider public footpath network.
  • We have also had positive discussions with local occupiers who require larger space in order to expand and keep jobs and investment within the area.

In March 2020, we held a meeting with members of Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council at the request of officers. The presentation shared with councillors can be downloaded here.

Above: Landscape Strategy Plan

Above: Illustrative Landscape Cross Sections

Above: Parameters Plan

Left: Relocated Farm Site Plan (Proposed)

In addition, several surveys and assessments covering a range of disciplines have been undertaken and will be submitted with the application. A brief summary of their conclusions is provided below:

  • Highways – safe and suitable access can be provided to the site and due to already planned improvements along the A511 (by Leicestershire County Council) there is capacity for the additional vehicle movement on the network. Enhanced public rights of way connections will help provide links across the wider footpath network for pedestrians and cyclists to access the site.  The application is likely to be required to make a contribution to enable delivery of further strategic highways improvements identified by Leicestershire County Council.
  • Noise – the proposed development is unlikely to result in any adverse or significant adverse noise effects on properties in close proximity of the site.
  • Air quality and dust – best practise measures during construction will help mitigate impacts with no impacts during the operation of the proposed development. No significant impacts are likely during the operational phase of the development.
  • Lighting – mitigation measures will be implemented to prevent light spill resulting in no significant effects from the proposals. This will include the detailed lighting design and specification (to be agreed with Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council at the detailed application stage), but also the landscaping and planting now proposed.
  • Ecology – the majority of the site is of low ecological value and mitigation measures will be implemented for protected species to help achieve an overall net gain in biodiversity.
  • Landscape – the proposals include a significant amount (in excess of the 30% required) of National Forest and woodland planting to help restrict views of the development and predominantly limit any notable effects to the site and its immediate context.
  • Drainage – surface water run-off can be managed on-site through sustainable drainage measures which includes an on-site balancing pond.
  • Socio-economics – there is an identified need from occupiers for further large-scale industrial/logistics development in the Bardon area due to its strong strategic highway network connections to the A511 and M1 Junction 22. The proposals will create significant new investment and employment (in the order of 1500 jobs based on standard employment assumptions).


Please send any comments by: Monday 13th April 2020

The consultation deadline has now been extended to provide a further opportunity for residents to share feedback and shape the plans prior to the submission of a planning application.

Comments can be submitted by email:

Written comments can also be sent to:
Oxalis Planning, c/o Unit 7 Wheatcroft Business Park, Landmere Lane, Edwalton, Nottingham, NG12 4DG.

You can also submit your comments by completing the feedback form below.

Public Consultation exhibition boards available to download (PDF – 17.3 MB).