New Public Consultation

Revised Employment Development Proposals for Wood Farm, North of Stanton Lane

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A revised planning application is being prepared for a new employment development at land at Wood Farm, north of Stanton Lane, Stanton under Bardon.

This new scheme has been changed in direct response to comments and concerns raised last year about the original proposals.

Prior to the submission of the planning application, we are keen to discuss the revised draft proposals with local residents and representatives from the community. As part of the process, and in consideration of the current government social distancing restrictions, a new online public consultation has been prepared.

The online consultation process is an opportunity to view the revised draft proposals and provide comments to help shape the preparation of the planning application. In addition to the detail on this website, there will also be two live online Q&A events with members of the project team. Details on how to register to attend these events are provided below.

Current social distancing guidelines mean we are unable to host an in-person consultation event. Therefore, our consultation website includes a Virtual Exhibition Room. Here, you will find a virtual exhibition room with information boards providing more details about the plans.

The deadline for comments as part of this consultation is close of play on Tuesday 6th April 2021.

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The project team hosted two online webinars for residents, which provided an opportunity to view a presentation of the plans and submit questions. These took place on Monday 29th March (4pm – 5pm) and Tuesday 30th March (6pm – 7pm). You can view a recording of both sessions by following below:

Webinar 1 (Monday 29th March):

Webinar 2 (Tuesday 30th March):


Following the refusal of the previous application in November 2020, and in response to the concerns and comments raised by local residents and councillors, a revised smaller employment development is now being proposed.
Key changes to the revised proposals include:

  • A significant reduction (over 20%) in the built development on site with a smaller proposed floor area of up to 89,200 sqm of general industrial and/or distribution use;
  • Significant increase in National Forest planting and other green space across the site, creating a new and permanent community woodland area – nearly 50% of the total site is proposed as retained or new woodland or other landscaping and green space;
  • A substantial landscaped bund east of the built development area to further screen views to the east and from Stanton Lane – see cross-sections and other details on the ‘Proposal’ page, and in the virtual exhibition on this website.

The key significant changes are to the overall amount of development and the increase in the amount of green space, tree planting, and landscaping. Combined, these changes both reduce localised visual and landscape effects and reduce the extent of encroachment into the land south of West Lane. It also provides a permanent landscape screen which guards against further extensions in the direction of the village in the future.